Leap to the Future of Managed Services

Are you ready to make the transformation from a VAR or MSP business model into a Cloud Solutions Provider? We can help you successfully take that leap into the future of managed services. We are MSPexcellence and we have created the blueprint for building a high-value Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) business.  

Crossing the CSP chasm:  Are you ready to make the leap? 

MSPexcellence - CSP Business Building Experts

MSPexcellence was formed by Todd Hussey and Dave Zwicker, two industry veterans who have successfully grown VAR, MSP and now CSP channels for technology start-ups and large global suppliers of hardware, software and services. We know how to create a successful recurring revenue business strategy and how to execute a comprehensive go-to-market plan that drives profitable growth and customer acquisition. In our professional careers we have been held to very high standards – reporting to boards of directors run by the most experienced and demanding venture capital firms in the industry. Every day we build on this experience by directly engaging with IT Service Providers from small start-ups to multi-national entities as we help them leverage the huge market potential created by cloud computing. 

Limitless Opportunity in the Cloud

Vendor promotion, media coverage and consumer awareness for cloud computing is sky-high, but does all this hype really translate into business opportunity for VARs and MSPs? For the first time since the emergence of cloud computing, the answer is unequivocally “yes”.  We are now seeing tangible evidence that the hype cycle is over and the buying cycle for cloud services is underway. 

*  IDC is forecasting a 27% annual growth rate in cloud services through 2014

*  At this rate, cloud services will grow at 5 times the rate of traditional IT services

*  McKinsey says SMBs with less that 250 employees are twice as likely to use cloud services vs. enterprises

*  Gartner predicts revenue from the SMB segment will account for $150 billion in annual sales by 2013 

*  Forrester projects global cloud computing will rise from $40.7 billion this year to more than $241 billion in 2020

*  Cisco predicts global cloud IP traffic will increase twelve-fold, accounting for one-third of total data center traffic by 2015

No matter how you look at the data, the conclusions are crystal clear. The IT services market is undergoing a major shift  away from premise-based IT and toward cloud-based IT. This will have a major impact on the business and delivery model for VARs, MSPs and other IT Service Providers. If your business is in one of these categories, you will need to transform into a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) to exploit this market opportunity or risk being left behind. However, making the transformation is not without significant challenges leaving many IT Service Providers unable to cross the chasm and become a successful Cloud Service Provider.  Are you ready to cross the CSP chasm?

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MSPexcellence has developed a comprehensive program for building a successful MSP and CSP business called The MSPexcellence Cloud Solutions Provider Program.

We strive to enable our resellers to grow significant and sustainable business around Google Apps. MSPexcellence has developed programs, tools, and training to help our resellers get to this level with their business. After many years of helping managed service providers build up recurring revenue business, they're now bringing a great deal of experience to help cloud service providers do the same. 

Jeff Ragusa, Google Apps SMB Channel Lead

As a Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller, our business is already strong and growing.  So, too, is the market for cloud-based solutions and services.  The CSP Program helps us look beyond our current business model, focusing on the future in a more structured and strategic way. 

The program helps us evaluate, plan, and expand our services with a greater understanding of the impact on our costs, our operations, and our bottom line.  Rather than trial and error, the MSPexcellence CSP Program gives us information we are using for more timely, more accurate, and more beneficial decisions.

Allen Falcon, CEO Cumulus Global

MSPexcellence has a unique and practical approach for avoiding pitfalls while, at the same time, providing a framework for connecting business strategy, marketing programs and sales execution into an integrated set of initiatives that will fuel the growth of my business.

Brian Killian, CEO, Northpoint Technology Group
























































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